VB.NET WebBrowsing Components (Comparison)


In this article, you will learn about various web-browsing components available for .NET Applications.

The Comparison

Trident web-browser is the default web-browser component included in Visual Studio by Microsoft. It uses the same engine as INTERNET EXPLORER (Discontinued). Performance-wise it is: slow, laggy, and incompatible with many modern web technologies. It relies on the user having Internet Explorer installed on their computer for downloads and other functions to work, dodgy methods are needed to stand-in for those features.

Awesomium is a very decent component based on the old chromium engine. It is NOT SLOW but NOT TOO FAST. It is free to use for non-profit use or companies that make less than 100K a year. Awesomium has powered the following projects: TWBP, AirBrowser, Lumia Browser, and many more.

WebKit.NET is a component to which Chromium was based on. I recommend not using it since it is very old. If you load the Google page on that thingy, it loads the old compatibility version instead. WebKit.NET is free and open source, which means you are allowed to use it in whichever way.

CEFSharp is a very decent browser engine. It is based on the newer Chromium engine (Blink) and supports all the latest web technology standards. You can get it from NuGet quite easily and there are several guides on the web and is well supported by other forums. CEFSharp has powered the following projects: WebExpress (Sential), Project Kratos (AirBrowse Technologies, never released) and HexWeb (Me!, soon to be released).


I hope you get a better understanding of web-browsing components in VB. Hope this helps!


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