[SOLVED] Changing the look of the EasyTabs control

Heyy there, I was just wondering how to implement EasyTabs in a VB app. I did some research and found a few guides but all of them were written in C#. I tried translating the codes but it didn't work. And also, I heard you can design your own tab renderer instead of using the Chrome Style that already came with EasyTabs, so knowing how would be helpful...

Thanks in advance!

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I've only ever used EasyTabs in c# but you can edit the tabs by going into the resources and editing the tab shape by drawing a new style of a tab and then adjusting some things in the renderer. Best bet it to just program it in c# as c# is cross-compatible and much less buggy than vb,

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As @brwck mentioned, the "look" of the tabs are made up of images which you can modify or draw yourself; you can find them in the primary resources file for the project. There's also a file called "BaseTabRenderer.cs" which you can fiddle around with to change margins and such.

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