[SOLVED] fiber OS icon

Hello everyone,

I'm  making a Linux-based operating system called fiber. I am in need of an icon. I really like the Bixby logo/icon, so I'd like it to look similar.

In return, if anyone needs help with UI design, I'd be happy to help.


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Alrighty, I'll see what I can do 1f609

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Alrighty, all finished.

So I took inspiration from the logo you provided and came up with the following:


The icon (with the "f") has a vector image of itself (the ".svg" file), so you can resize it as much as you want without losing quality (more info on vector images here: https://techviewforum.com/topic/28/image-types/, if you're unfamiliar with the type). There are options for the logo with shadow, without shadow, with the icon, without the icon, monochrome versions of the logo and more! Feel free to have a gander at the attachment.

Cheers! 1f609

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I love it! Thank you so much!

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