Navbar.css - An easy way to implement a navigation bar

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Navbar.css is a modern look at navigation bars


Navbar.css offers easy installation to add amazing and modern navigation bars in a flash.

Installing navbar.css into your html document

<div class="navbar"></div>


<!--Navbar Start-->
<div class="navbar=">
  <!--Left Link-->
      <a href="#" class="left">Left</a>  
  <!--Right Links-->
    <a href="#" class="right">Right</a>
    <a href="#" class="right">Right</a>
<!--End Navbar-->
Installing styles

There are 8 different styles for navbar.css including:

  • .navbar-light

  • .navbar-dark

  • .navbar-blue

  • .navbar-yellow

  • .navbar-red

  • .navbar-green

  • .navbar-orange

  • .navbar-custom (custom color by changing the background-color)

To install, include the class inside of the div tag.
Navbar Light

<div class="navbar navbar-light"></div>

Navbar Dark

<div class="navbar navbar-dark"></div>

Navbar Blue

<div class="navbar navbar-blue"></div>

Navbar Yellow

<div class="navbar navbar-yellow"></div>

Navbar Red

<div class="navbar navbar-red"></div>

Navbar Green

<div class="navbar navbar-green"></div>

Navbar Orange

<div class="navbar navbar-orange"></div>

Navbar Custom

<div class="navbar navbar-custom"></div>
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