[SOLVED] How to import DLL files into a project in VB.NET?

How to import dll files to vb.net projects?
I want to import a dll on an textbox that I found on your video.

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Hiya @gerassimosm,

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To import DLL files into your project, you'll need to go to the "Solution Explorer" panel (usually on the right side in Visual Studio) > right-click the "References" item and select "Add reference..." from the context-menu - a dialog should pop-up.
Then you'll need to click the "Browse..." button (bottom right usually) > select the DLL's you want to add to your project and then finally click the "OK" button once you've made your selection.
The DLL's should now be added to your project, if an error appears - then it's likely that the DLL's are either not a component or not compatible with your version of Visual Studio.

If you want to reference the DLL's in a VB.NET class, then you'll have to "Import" them at the very beginning of the class (before the "Public class ..." or "Namespace ..." declarations), like this:

Imports MyDLL1
Imports MyDLL2
Public Class MyClass
  'Your functions and subs go here
End Class

Hope this helps! 1f609

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Wow!  Thanks for the fast answer!!!!

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