TWBP Tabs for dummies

Download TWBPTabs Modified Demo with TWBP API.dll: … s_RolCmgOP


In this tutorial, you will learn how to implement a decent TabControl in your web browsing App

Getting The Tab to Work

Create a new project and add TWBP API.dll file to your toolbox.
add TWBPTabs to your Form1, and set the dock style to FILL. Then, double-click on the TWBP Tab and add the following code:

      TabControl.TabCloseButtonImage = My.Resources.close_Tab_0 'This could be a close button of your choice
        TwbpTabs1.TabCloseButtonImage_Over = My.Resources.close_Tab_0 'Same as above
       TwbpTabs1.TabCloseButtonImage_Pressed = My.Resources.close_Tab_0 'Same As Above
        TwbpTabs1l.TabBarBorderColour = New ColinVerhey.TWBP.TWBPColour("#DDDDDD") 'Change these to suit your needs
       TwbpTabs1.TabBarTopColour = New ColinVerhey.TWBP.TWBPColour("#F5F5F5")
     TwbpTabs1.TabBarBottomColour = New ColinVerhey.TWBP.TWBPColour("#F5F5F5")
        TwbpTabs1.TabTopColour = New ColinVerhey.TWBP.TWBPColour("#FFFFFF")
      TwbpTabs1.TabBottomColour = New ColinVerhey.TWBP.TWBPColour("#FFFFFF")
        TwbpTabs1.bgTabTopColour = New ColinVerhey.TWBP.TWBPColour("#FFFFFF")
        TwbpTabs1.bgTabBottomColour = New ColinVerhey.TWBP.TWBPColour("#FFFFFF")
        TwbpTabs1.TabContainer.AddTab(New Tabs, True, TabControl.TabContainer.TabCount) 'In the New Tabs, True code part, change the Tabs to your Tab form.

Once you are finished with that, go to the TWBPTabs1_NewTabButtonPressed event and add the following code.

TwbpTabs1.TabContainer.AddTab(New Tabs, True, TabControl.TabContainer.TabCount)

And finally, go to the designer, and set the DefaultSingleTabWidth to 200.

The TabForm

Add a new Windows Form called Tabs. from there you can add whatever you want. Download the Example source code to learn some basic programming of the TWBPTabs.


Hope this article gives you a better understanding of the TWBPTabs!

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