[INACTIVE] ListView item leave?

How do I detect if a mouse has left a listviewitem hover?
I am currently using:

        private void aslist_ItemMouseHover(object sender, ListViewItemMouseHoverEventArgs e)
            e.Item.ForeColor = Color.DodgerBlue;

But it doesn't change the listview colour back afterwards.

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Hiya @brwck,

There doesn't really seem to be a way to check whether the cursor has left an item with the default listview control, this dude seems to kinda work around it with tooltip's or something, although I think your best option would be to just create the control yourself or look for an alternative; like this one: https://www.codeproject.com/articles/4012/c-list-view-v

Hope this helps! 1f609

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@brwck Sooo...solved, or should I just set it as inactive for the time being until a better solution is found in the distant future? 1f604

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