How to do CEFSharp Javascript Binding in VB.NET after V63 ?


with the 63.0.0 release of CEFSharp changes have been made in the way objects are bound.
The old way (legacy behaviour) will still work for Single Page Applications.

An example in VB.NET for the legacy method is given here in this forum: … -cefsharp/

The problem is that when you load a new webpage the bound object is lost.
It only works on the first webpage you load after initializing CEFSharp in your application.

There are some examples given here in C# on the developers WIKI:

and here … javascript

I tried to use the new  CefSharp.BindObjectAsync  way, but BindObjectAsync is not available in the CefSharp namespace.
Maybe I am doing something wrong....

Someone with a better understanding of C# could point me to the right direction how to convert some example code into VB.NET?

Or maybe show how the legacy code in this forum linked above could be converted to use the new CefSharp.BindObjectAsync method?

Thanks for your help.

The VB.NET CEFSharp threads here had a large number of views, so it seems that there is big interest in example code written in VB.NET for CEFSharp.
Unfortunately most sample codes found on the internet is only in C#.

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